2008 CCLI PI Conference

2008 CCLI PI Conference Presentations

Alfano, Kathy; and Warren Hein
Strategies for Successful Proposal Writing
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Benhaddou, Driss; with Deniz Gurkan, Alan Mickelson, and Frank Barnes
Collaborative Research: Remote Laboratory for Optical Circuits Courses
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Chang, Amy
Biology Scholars Program
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Chang, Amy
Role of Professional Societies in Undergraduate Biology Education: Scholarly Teaching and Scholarship of Teaching

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Cox, Monica
Working with Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and Undergraduate Peer Teachers (UPTs)

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Dinov, ID
Advanced Mathematics Used to Explore Hierarchical Educational Materials
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Fortenberry, Norman L.; and Jeanne L. Narum
Institutional Barriers to the Adaptation of Innovations
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Froyd, Jeffrey E.
Evidence for the Efficacy of Student-Active Learning Pedagogies
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Froyd, Jeffrey E.; and Nancy Simpson
Student-Centered Learning Addressing Faculty Questions About Student-Centered Learning
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Full, Robert J.
The Value of Interdisciplinary Research-Based Instruction
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Grisham, William
Modular Digital Course in Undergraduate Neuroscience Education (MDCUNE) at UCLA
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Henderson, Charles; and Melissa H. Dancy
Understanding Instructor Practices and Attitudes Towards the Use of Research-Based Instructional Strategies in Introductory College Physics
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Hensel, Nancy; with Kerry Karukstis, Mitch Malachowski, Jeffrey Osborn, and Jill Singer
Undergraduate Research as a Pedagogical Approach for Increasing Student Engagement and Learning
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Jessen-Marshall, Amy
Improving the Scientific Literacy of All Students: Using Team-Taught Interdisciplinary Lab Courses
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Luckie, Douglas B.; and Charlene D’Avanzo
Diagnosing Student Learning in the Biological Sciences
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National Science Foundation
Evaluation of Education Development Projects
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Persell, Caroline Hodges; with Barbara Schneider
Developing a National Model for a College-Level Introductory Sociology Course
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Reed-Rhoads, Teri
C16 — Tools for Assessing Learning in Engineering
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2008 Posters

Buyurgan, Nebil; and Justin R. Chimka
Integrated Auto-ID Technology for Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Studies
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Caicedo, Juan M.; with Joe Flora, Wiley Graf, Andrew Nichols, Charlie Pierce, Tim Ray, and Briana Timmerman
Environments for Fostering Effective Critical Thinking
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Mamo, M.; with T. Kettler, J. Ippolito, R. Reuter, D. McCallister, D. Husmann, and E. Blankenship
Online Soil Science Lessons: A Useful Supplement to Classroom Instruction
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Richter-Egger, Dana; with Neal Grandgenett, James Hagen, Fredric Laquer, and Robert D. Shuster
Improving Science Attitudes — Recruiting Science Majors: Integrating Research in Intro Chemistry and Geology
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Rickey, Dawn; with Lydia T. Tien, Melonie A. Teichert, Barbara A. Reisner, Colin Blair, and Seth Anthony
Expansion and Refinement of a Research-Based Laboratory Curriculum to Enhance Diverse Students’ Abilities to Apply Chemistry Ideas Effectively in New Contexts
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Tankersley, Richard A.; and Paola C. López-Duarte
Development of an Interactive Statistics Tutorial
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Wang, Weichao; with Aidong Lu, Zhiwei Li, and Li Yu
Knowledge Based Security Protocol Verification System for Bridging Security Primitives and Protocols in IA Courses
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Yu, Li; with Aidong Lu, Zhiwei Li, and Weichao Wang
Digital LEGO Sets for Information Assurance Courses
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