PI Forum

PI Forums Available in 2013

The following PI Forums have been organized and additional information is available by clicking on the link:

Virtual Environments and Game-based Learning in the Classroom:
This Forum focuses on the integration of 3D virtual world environments, game-based learning, and digital story telling into a STEM curriculum that creates engaging content and provides students with simulated hands-on experiences and contextualized learning.

Peer Assessment:
This Forum examines how best to connect peer assessment techniques to specific STEM outcomes, e.g., how peer review may be used for learning to think like a scientist.

Disseminating Innovations in Teaching Introductory Programming:
This Forum will focus on disseminating innovative approaches to teaching introductory computer programming courses.

WeBWorK Calculus:
This Forum will work with calculus educators who use the WeBWorK homework system to allow for easier sharing of ideas that involve homework.

Physics of Medicine/Biology:
This Forum will bring together faculty interested in sharing/creating/assessing an interactive repository of active learning student activities at the intersection of physics, biology and medicine.
Connecting Climate Change Science and Chemistry:
This Forum will focus on applications of chemical principles using the phenomenon of climate change as the basis of instruction in introductory chemistry courses.
MOOCs: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know about Them?:
This Forum will focus on research approaches that are currently being employed when studying the impact of online teaching and learning to determine their transferability to the study or evaluation of MOOCs. (Begins September 16, 2013).

A Collaboration Building Opportunity

At professional meetings, like the TUES/CCLI PI Meeting, it is common for several attendees to recognize a common interest and to discuss building this interest into an on-going interaction ultimately leading to joint activities.  They leave the meeting with a lot of enthusiasm but then struggle to find the time and means to build the interaction, and it eventually is forgotten.  In order to encourage and help establish these collaborations, AAAS is partnering with LSU and Higher Education Services on a NSF grant to explore a new, experimental community-building model for ongoing, virtual, collaboration among PIs (called, PI Forums).

Intended Focus of PI Forums

PI Forums will address issues appropriate for the TUES Program but there is a special interest in collaborations dealing with evaluation, dissemination, broadening participation, and transformation. Here are some situations that could lead to a PI Forum:

  • A group of PIs exploring a variety of instruction approaches in a common topic area may want to share and develop evaluation approaches and data, or form a group dissemination effort, or create a shared, interactive repository.
  • A group of PIs exploring a common instructional approach in different topic areas may want to share and develop evaluation approaches and data, or form a group dissemination effort, or create a shared, interactive repository.
  • A group of PIs, whose projects involve a substantial number of students from underrepresented populations, may want to explore how their efforts are affecting these students on a broader scale.


Application Process

Those interested in establishing a PI Forum will need to complete a brief on-line application at https://live-ccliconference.pantheonsite.io/pi-forum/application/.

Applications are due February 8, 2013.


Selection Process

The following criterion used to select among the applications:

  • The impact of achieving the ultimate goal on STEM education
  • The reasonableness of expected outcomes and their impact in moving toward the group’s ultimate goal
  • The appropriatness of the plans for achieving the expected outcome
  • Anticipated number and diversity of participants


Workshop Material

A workshop was held at the TUES PI Meeting (Session C4 at 8:00 AM on Friday, January 25) to help applicants better understand the PI Forum concept and to begin preparing their application. 

Workshop materials are posted at https://live-ccliconference.pantheonsite.io/pi-forum/pi-workshop-ppt/ for those unable to attend the workshop.



For additional information contact Russ Pimmel at russpimmel@gmail.com