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Statistics Online Computational Resource for Education

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Project TypePhase 2/Type 2 - Expansion
Target DisciplineInterdisciplinary
Project FocusCreating Learning Materials and Teaching Strategies
NameDinov, Ivo
Phone Number310-825-8430
E-mail Addressdinov@stat.ucla.edu
Project Goals

The overarching aims of the Statistics Online Computational Resource for Education (SOCRE) are to design, validate and freely disseminate knowledge using modern information and communication technologies.

Project Methods

We develop multi-disciplinary instructional materials, extensible computational libraries and interactive hands-on activities, which are available anonymously and in their entirety over the Internet to all users all the times (www.SOCR.ucla.edu).

Project Evaluation

The SOCRE resource and materials evaluation-matrix includes varieties of quantitative and qualitative, instructor and learner, event and curriculum based protocols for data collection, statistical analysis and result interpretation. Such protocols include methods for collecting data for web-page access, course evaluations, topic assessment and SOCRE resource utilization. In addition, we use randomized designs to assess the efficacy of SOCRE technology-enhanced instruction against traditional educational approaches.

Project Dissemination

SOCRE relies on 3 major dissemination vehicles
1. Internet dissemination via review-based inclusion in digital libraries (e.g., NSDL.org), instructor resources (e.g., MathForum.org) and general web-search knowledge search (e.g., dmoz.org)
2. Publications in open-access peer-review journals
3. Training of instructors and professional audiences.

Project Impact

SOCRE is widely used around the US and the Globe in probability and statistics classes, informal training and for Internet-based statistical computing. SOCRE has had over 145,000 (daily-unique) visitors since 2002:

SOCRE has been reviewed and included as part of many digital libraries covering a wide range of disciplines:

Project Challenges

1. Educational challenges: Developing SOCRE materials and resources that provide data, interactive tools and learning materials across STEM disciplines: We are engaging educators and engineers from different fields to determine synergies and symbiosis between science areas on the basis of studying common natural, biological or social challenges.
2. Instructional challenges: We have encountered difficulties in training instructors to embrace, develop and utilize modern information and communication technologies.
1. Technological challenges: Spam in SOCRE Wiki educational resources: We have adopted newly developed Internet security applications to combat machine and human driven spam.